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portable washer and dryer

Portable Washer And Dryer

Do you need a portable washer and dryer, or a portability kit, to mobilize the unit around your house or apartment?

Or, do you an ultra-portable washer and dryer that doesn’t even have the traditional water and electrical hook-ups?

Either way, we’ve got you covered with portable washer and dryer options, some of which are highlighted in the pictures below, then discussed in more detail.

Check it out! 

Portable Washer Dryer Kit

A washer dryer portability kit consists of a few things, just enough to give your washer dryer machine mobility.

Most kits include include wheels and/or a portable washer dryer machine frame/undercarriage to ensure that the portable washer and dryer machine can be moved from place to place.

Sometimes, the wheels/castors replace the leveling legs that came pre-installed on the machine, while other times, a new frame/undercarriage needs to be installed.

Most kits also include a water faucet adapter to allow you to hook up the portable washer and dryer to nearly any faucet. You simply need to connect to the faucet adaptor to the faucet, then start the water. Releasing the water inlet hose ‘unties’ you from the water source.  

If you are using washers for daily use then small washers manufactured by “Danby” are efficient. This machine weighs about 80 pounds and occupies very little place in small apartments with limited space. The machine has simple features associated with it like three modes of temperature regulating mechanisms and five cycles to follow.

The three modes include hot, warm and cold. The machine has a perfect blend of systems that produces harsh effects on dark stains and gentle effect on cloth materials. As a result, the texture and fabric of the material remains un-affected. 


The video above shows a portable washer dryer from Edgestar. 


The Haier portable washer and dryer is show in the video above.


portable washer dryerMini, Ultra Portable Washer

If you’re looking for a mini portable washer and dryer system that is ultra-portable, you can try using the “Wonder Washer”. Simply put your clothes into the plug and add soap and water in a proper ratio to get instant cleaning of clothes.

It has a capacity to hold 2 gallons of water at a time, and can be best used in small apartments, boats or places with considerably less space. The “Wonder Washer” can definitely be termed as a portable washer and dryer machine and is light weight at just 9lbs.  

Portable Washer Dryer Buying Considerations

  • Gather adequate information before purchasing a particular product. This will enable you to choose a correct option for your family. 
  • Read reviews on the internet regarding products that are essential for household purposes because it ensures a viable product that would benefit you in return.  
  • The quality of the portable washer dryer machine should be maintained with value for money.

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